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At the forefront of education among schools in Alexandria , ALS has been providing quality education to students for more than 20 years it is independent co-educational approved by the Egyptian Ministry of Education .

Kindergarten and Lower Junior departments are located in ALS Mandara , While the Upper Junior, Middle and Senior departments are located in ALS Seouf .

The Alexandria Language School is an educational facility that provides the National curriculum encompassing grades pre-Kindergarten through senior school and offers the Thanaweya Amma Diploma to its candidates.

At its both location campuses ALS provides a well-rounded education to approximately 3000 students.

We invite you to explore our website, visit our campus , and talk with faculty, parents and students to truly understand how different and unique ALS is from other schools.

At the Alexandria Language School we believe that:
ALS is a commuinty in wich all of us , teachers, students, parents and staff are one family.
The best education is achieved in a caring, student-centered environment.
We should work hard for the realization of each student's potential for intellectual, personal and social development, and responsible contribution to our diverse global environment.
We should nurture students in critical inquiry, creative expression, ethical behavior, and cooperative social interaction.
The acquisition of knowledge, the development of skills, striving for excellence in all endeavors and maintaining a sense of respect for self and others are essential components of an ALS education.
We should develop a sense of responsibility and respect in our students for their environment.

The mission of ALS is to provide students with the best learning environment that helps them use their maximum potentials and become responsible life-long learners

We achieve that through a comprehensive diversified curriculum and best teaching and learning practices in a supportive community.