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ALS philosophy believes that the best education is achieved in a caring, student-centered environment hence providing the needed facilities for this environment as:
Computer Laboratories.
Audio Visual Room.
Fully equipped Science Laboratories.
A well-stocked Library.
A variety of stimulating sporting activities are provided for all students. These activities encourage students to participate, share camaraderie, and develop a sense of fair play and teamwork. The motivating activities promote an understanding of "It's not whether you win or lose that counts, but how you play the game" The main emphasis is on participation and fun!
The campus boasts:
An open air swimming pool.
Four basketballs.
Tennis courts.
A large gymnasium with training facilities.
Football pitch.
Playground for different school levels.
Music is an integral part of the programs at our school.
Children learn to love music where they have the opportunity to experience singing, and perform to a variety of audiences.
All students are encouraged to join in the many musical opportunities within the school.
The students practice weekly and perform at special events such as graduation ceremony and end of year celebrations.